How to Track Posted Orders

Dispatching Orders

We have been selling boat registration stickers and boat name stickers since 2008 and have a strong raport with Australia Post. So having said this when making your order we have access to the Australia Post Portal. From here we are able to create a postal label and have your order posted directly to you.

When creating your postal label we provide Australia Post with your mailing details including your e-mail.

Once your label is created and paid for you should receive an e-mail from Australia Post with a tracking number.

Sometimes this e-mail may arrive in a spam folder and you are no wiser if and where this e-mail may be.

How to Track Orders the Easy Way

This method only applies to retailers that use our postal method.

This does not apply for posted items paid for and lodged over an Australia Post counter because it is not possible and very time consuming if it was possible to provide the e-mail address from each order to the Post Master.

What You Need

All you need to do is create a my post account with Australia Post and use the same email you used to create your My Post account when placing orders online. This way your e-mail you use when placing online orders is automatically linked to your My POst account.

An app is also available for mobile devices from Australia Post.

What happens from here is when you make a purchase from us for example you will be able to login to your my post account and see everything you need in reference to your posted item. This includes time of dispatch and a running history of places visited as it makes its way to your address.

This is the best way to manage all orders you make online because rather than waiting for an e-mail you can see everything via your My Post account.

I hope this helps.

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