3M Boat Names Stickers | Shadow Option QTY 1

Custom made boat names stickers with fast Australia wide delivery.
Options include 3m material, 4 shadow effects, outline option and large range of colours and fonts.
These Stickers are sold by the overall width for better value.

Price: $30 – from

Qty – 1 Sticker. If you need 2 please choose 2.
Discount: Buy 2 or more and receive  a $5 discount on each sticker.


  • Made from one vinyl sheet with no background only letters or numbers when installed as per image below.
  • $5 discount applies on each sticker you purchase when buying more than 2 of these.
  • Suitable for Polycraft Watercrafts? Yes only our 3M material option is.
  • Not Suitable for inflatables.
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Order Details

1. Add Text

2. Font

3. Sticker Colour

4. Order Shadow

5. Overall Width (OW)

6. Choose Material

7. Shadow Effect

6. Shadow Colour

7. Overall Width (OW)

8. Material Type

Price : $

Vinyl Lettering Boat Name

Our boat names stickers are custom made as per your order. We offer a variety of shadows and outline design options with a large range of fonts and colours. We also offer Paypal, Afterpay, Credit Card, Mastercard, Google and Apple Pay.

These stickers-are sold by overall width (W).
Shadows and outlines are supplied as individual layers and are not printed.

Fast direct bank deposit is also an option.

The stickers we sell are vinyl cut stickers made from premium vinyl materials. A 3M material option is also available. These are not printed stickers and these have no background colour. You receive your whole sticker on one sheet making it easy to install. Once installed you will be able to feel the lettering as you swipe your hand over.

This is a great way to add personalisation and personality to your marine vessel.

The type of style is entirely up to you with a large variety of fonts, colours and shadow/outline effects to choose from. These can have sentimental value by naming a vessel after a loved one that has recently passed. Or it could be a way to showcase your personality.

This is entirely up to you.

These watercraft decals are perfect for a range of vessels. Do you need some boat name ideas?

Vinyl Cut on One Sheet

These stickers are made on one sheet of material and have no background. These stickers are also not supplied as individual letters or numbers. The sticker installation is very easy with easy to follow instructions and once applied you are left only with the boat name.

Boat Names Stickers Features

Width Purchasing Option: For better value for money stickers are sold by the width and the height is proportional.

Decals Material Choice: You have an option of choosing a material choice from 2 material options. 3M option is available and a standard material option.

  • Standard Material Option: Best for garaged vessels and applied on a flat surface. 3 – 5 year rating.
  • 3M Option: Best for when applying over clinkers due to the stretchability of the product.
    Also for vessels moored on the water or for those that demand the best. 5 – 7 year rating.

Both material options are salt and water resistant. Both suit different purposes for different budgets. For the best material option and/or for moored watercrafts and yachts we recommend the 3M option.

Adhesive Tackiness: Medium to high tack depending on the material you choose.

UV and Water Resistance: Yes.

We offer 5 design options in total.

  1. Outline Option. Outline thickness is between 8-10mm depending on size of sticker.
  2. Shadow effect. 4 options are available. These are Top left & right shadows, Bottom left & Bottom right shadows.
Questions and Answers

Are these suitable for Polycraft watercrafts?

Boat Names StickersYes only our 3M option is. Standard option is not suitable.

Are these suitable for inflatables?

No. Neither materials we offer is.

How do I receive my outline or Shadow Stickers?

Each colour will be on a separate layer. So if you order 1 outline decal you will receive the outline on a seperate sheet and the text on another.

Can you make these from a supplied design?

Yes we can.

  • We need an eps/pdf file which has the vector based/lines in the design.
  • Fonts must be converted to outlines.
  • You must have the rights to the design.
  • Photos are not suitable.
  • Photos inside an eps/pdf file is not suitable.

Is a reverse option available for boat names stickers?

No,  when we make your boat names stickers one is not reversed.

Here’s why. You order the name Wave Crusher.

You receive 1 spelt Wave Crusher and the other in reverse is spelt Rehsurc evaW.

You can see where this is going right? You can not read the latter hence it does not look right.

Reversing of images like a shark decal is different because your are not reading but viewing an image.

When designing your stickers we offer an easy to use designer with a large number of design options.

These include:

  • Large range of fonts.
  • Large range of colours.
  • An Outline option.
  • 4 shadow styles.

These can have sentimental value by naming a vessel after a loved one that has recently passed. Or it could be a way to showcase your personality. This is entirely up to you.

Postage Information

When is my boat names stickers order posted?

All orders are posted within 3 Business Days.

How is my boat names stickers order posted?

All products are mailed to you in a secure round mailing container. If you also order boat registration stickers we will post your order together.

We find this the strongest method Australia Post Parcels may throw itself at. All orders are posted Australia wide.

Orders for obvious reasons:

  • Are not posted in a Box.
  • Are not folded and sent in an envelope.

Postage Tip

My suggestion is to setup a My Post account with Australia Post and make sure the e-mail you use for this postal account is the same e-mail you use when creating online orders. This is the best way to manage all of your postal orders.

From here you can:

  • Track your order without a Tracking Number.
  • An easy way to change your postal address.
  • An easy to use App that makes the above easy to manage and track.


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