How to Apply Boat Stickers

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Please follow the instructions below carefully and you should have no issues installing your sticker kit.

Helpful Link – How to remove your old vinyl letters  and residue glue

boat stickers installation instructions

1. How to Apply Your Boat Registration Stickers

This is a thorough guide on how to apply our boat rego stickers.

These stickers are easy to apply as long as you follow the instructions below.

The process is identical to our Boat Names Stickers.

2. Boat Registration Sticker Layers Make-Up

Our vinyl stickers consist of 3 layers.

  1. Top Layer – This is the application tape that holds your stickers together.
  2. Middle Layer – These are your vinyl letters.
  3. Bottom or Under the Sticker – This is a sheet that protects the sticker glue and keeps the stickers together.

Simple Rules to Follow When Applying Your Sticker Kits

Rule #1 – DO NOT APPLY our vinyl sticker kits using the wet method. 

The issue with this process is you need to wait for the water to dry before removing the application tape sheet.

If you don’t wait you will pull off your stickers from your boat and create a mess.

The other issue is the glue used on the application tape will break down and will stick on your substrate which will require tedious cleaning.

Rule #2 – This rule applies to anyone that won’t be installing their stickers for a few weeks or more from the purchase date. When the time comes for your to install your stickers unroll the stickers and on a flat surface like a table left to right swipe the sticker slowly a few times with the provided applicator if the application tape has bibbles. The reason you need to do this is to reapply the application tape so the vinyl lettering sticks to this layer.

boat name stickers

3. Sticker Installation Instructions Check List

  • Apply dry not wet.
  • Please install stickers only in a shaded area. Make sure that your substrate is not hot.
  • Do not apply stickers on a windy day.
  • Do not apply early or late evenings in cold climates or cold winters. Surface moisture can be an issue if trying to make stickers stick straight away.
  • LEAVE air bubbles alone. This is trapped oxygen and will flatten with the sun on its own accord.
  • Only use the dry method installation process.  By using the wet method approach you need to wait a day or 2 for the water to dry out and you will be left with app tape glue on your hull which requires a bit of elbow grease to remove. So stay away from the wet application method and if you decide to do so, use at your own risk.
  • Stickers may take up to 4 to 7 days for them to cure on your substrate.
  • Remove any surface polish from the substrate area before applying the stickers. Use something like wax and grease remover to remove.
  • Make sure you wash the surface area properly with soapy water, rinse with water and dry the area.
  • Our suggestion is to polish your boat only after you have applied the stickers. Only polish around stickers and not the stickers themselves.

4. Testing Your Boat Surface

  • One great way to make sure your boat surface is ready for a sticker application is by cleaning and preparing your surface first.
  • Once you have done this cut a long piece of masking tape. Then stick this across the area where you will be applying the boat stickers.
  • If the masking tape sticks then your stickers should as well. If not then you need to do more surface cleaning.

5. How to Take Care of  Your Stickers

  • Don’t use high-pressure water to wash your stickers. This may remove your boat stickers and it’s a removal process used by Vehicle Auction Business in removing signage on vehicles.
  • Don’t use anything besides a soft soapy sponge to wash your stickers then rinse with water.
  • Dry the stickers with a clean soft cotton cloth.
  • If a sharp corner/edge on your sticker or graphics starts to peel just snip 1 or 2mm from the corner.

6. Ordering Boat Stickers

If you need to design & order boat stickers you can do so by using the links below.
Boat Rego Stickers | Jet ski Rego Stickers | Boat Names Stickers | Boat Graphics stickers

PDF Boat Stickers Installation Instructions Datasheets

1. Round Boat Registration Stickers Instructions – click here to view.
2. 1 colour boat regos or boat names instructions –
click here to view.
3. 2 Colour Sticker installation instructions eg with shadow or outline
click here to view.
4. Clinker, Ribbed or Lapstake Style Hulls –  click here to view.

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