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Joseph Francis

Phone: 0418 563 000

Made an Order Error? Please send us an sms on 0418 563 000 with your order related enquiry no matter what the time is.

For a fast response please contact Joseph by sending an sms on 0418 563 000.

I have my own font. Could you use that to make my stickers?

Yes as long as its a totally free font and you can provide a webpage link for the font.

Tip. Just make sure the font thickness is not too skinny/narrow otherwise your vinyl lettering will not have too much vinyl.

For confirmation around this please send yoru enquiry via sms on 0418 563 000 for a fast response or contact us by using the contact form below.

What types of stickers don’t you make?
  1. Brand Name Stickers for Boat and outboard manufacturers. Most of these designs have Trademarks and copyright protection and for this reason we do not make and duplicate these types of designs. Some boat brands are no longer made today but Trademarks still remain in place.
  2. Designs you do not have the rights to.
Can you make a sticker from a design I have?

Yes as long as you own the design and its in one colour and all fonts have been converted to outlines.

Our website is full of helpful content and you may find your answer to your question here. Every product has a small orange circle Question mark near different requirements to make your stickers. By clicking here you will have a webpage pop up with more information.

Alternatively please use the form below to contact us.

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