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Our boat registration stickers are custom made with 3M option, a big range of fonts, colours and shadow and outline options to choose from. We accept PayPal, After pay, Credit Cards, Google & Apple Pay.

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Stickers ARE NOT sold as pairs.

Material Types
Colours rated for upto 5 years outdoors, metallics 3 years in total. Best for garaged boats.
3M: Premium Cast vinyl. Best long lasting product and for Polycraft Boats. Best for clinker and lapstrake type hulls, vessels moored on the water, racing yachts etc.
Colours rated upto 8 years outdoors. Metallics up to 5 years.
Both material types have solvent based clues meaning it is water splatter proof and are both resistant to Salts and Alkaline.
Please Note: There is no metallic colour based cast vinyl available in Australia that has a longer life span of 5 years outdoors.
Neither material option is suitable for inflatible boats.

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Regos ARE NOT sold as pairs. If you need 2 choose QTY 2 etc. Comments can be added during checkout.

Order Details

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2. Font

3. Rego Colour

4. Shadow or Outline?

5. Rego Size

6. Choose Material Type

5. Text Effect Type

6. Text Effect Colour

7. Sticker Size

8. Material Type

9. Overall Size

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Boat Registration Stickers Designer

Boat Registration Stickers Available Sizes

When purchasing our lettering and numbers we off you a choice of sizes which meets the regulation sizes across all states in Australia. QTY1 is 1 sticker.

The sizes we offer include:

  • 550mm (overall width) x 150mm (height)
  • 550mm (overall width) x 185mm (height)
  • 600mm (overall width) x 150mm (height)
  • 600mm (overall width) x 185mm (height)

Product Options

Boat Registration Stickers Mandatory Sizes: These are made from 150mm in height and width can be 550mm or 600mm. A 185mm height option is also available.

Sticker Adhesive Tackiness: Our products include a medium/high tack initial adhesion. We do not use materials with low tack adhesion that take a week or so to cure.

9 plus Block Fonts: These fonts have been designed for rego sticker numbers where the height of all letters and numbers is all even and are block based fonts.

Waterproof and UV Resitance: Yes both material types offered.

Suitable for Polycraft Vessels: Yes our 3M option is.

Product Details

Custom made to suit your needs.

Options include:

  • Easy to use sticker designer.
  • 2 material type options.
  • 40 fonts.
  • Outline option.
  • Shadow option.
  • Fast ordering process.

Please note these are not suitable for inflatables.

Material Options

We offer you with a choice of 2 material options when you are purchasing your order. One material option is the premium 3M option and the other is what we call a standard option.

The 3M option is one grade higher and lasts longer and is best suited for any vessels left outside without protection.


1 . How are your boat registration stickers made?

Your design is made from one sheet with individual letters and numbers and makes the process of installation easy.
If ordering shadow or outline effects these are supplied in separate layers.

4. Are your boat registration stickers made in reverse?

No these are made identical due to readability issues. Example. You order the rego ABC123. You receive 1 spelt this way and the other in reverse being 321CBA.

5. How long will metallic colours last in Australian conditions?

There are a different number of factors that will effect the longevity of these products.

This includes:

  • UV Rays. Some states have higher UV rays than others.
  • Element exposure such as the sun.
  • Whether your vessel is moored or garaged. Less UV and Sun exposure means longer sticker life.

For our standard metallic range you should get around 2.5 to 3 years and for our 3M cast vinyl option the life expectancy should be between 4.5 to 5 years on a worse cases basis.

8. How are my boat registration stickers posted?
All orders are mailed to you in a secure round mailing container.


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