What is a Hull on a Boat, Cruiser or on a fishing Vessel?

What is a hull?  The hull is the bottom part of a boat that sits in the water.

Specifically, what makes a boat hull includes the:

  • Sides of a Boat.
  • Boat bottom.
  • Bow which is the forward part of the hull.
  • Transom which is the rear part of the hull.

Hulls come in different shapes and sizes and are the most important part of a boat design. Why this is important is simply because it determines where and how you can use your boat.

Boat hulls Designed for flat waters like large inland lakes

These include:

  1. House Boats.
  2. Flat Bottom boats.
  3. Pontoon Boats.

Equally what these boats mostly have in common is that the hulls are either a flat bottom hull design or are shallow hull designs and don’t have the ability to ride waves and cut through waves of water. Flat bottom boats have the best fuel efficiency due to very little drag between the bottom hull and water.

As a result Boat Hulls such as a flat bottom boat are better suited for still rivers or lakes. On a pontoon boat for example if you decide to cruise the ocean with such vessel as soon as the water gets choppy the front of the bow of the pontoon ends up diving slightly into the water. As a result, the pontoon boat sooner or later will be overwhelmed with water. For example, see the video below.

What is a Hull Designed for Yachts

Above all Displacement hulls are a rounded style type of hull.

Even more vessels or watercrafts equipped with this hull design are:

  • Canoes.
  • Yachts.
  • Trawlers.
  • Cruise Ships.
  • Trawler Yachts.
  • Container Ships.

A vessel with a displacement hull moves the water to the side and are designed to cut through the water with very little effort. Due to the shape of a displacement hull, those found on small crafts like a canoe are not stable in the water hence it’s difficult to stand up on one.

Deep V Hulls

In Particular, these hulls have a mono deep v and are designed to ride waves of water and have the ability to split and jump over waves of water.  These boats with these types of hulls make perfect offshore fishing boats. Commercial and offshore fisherman also use these style of hulks for commercial abalone diving. The deep v is one of the most stable boat designs.

Types of boats that have a deep v include:

  • Offshore Fishing Boats.
  • Offshore Abalone Boats.
  • Motor Yacht Cruisers.

Tri Hull

Above all, these boat types have three parallel hulls on the underside, 1 on each side and one in the middle which are called sponsons.  Consequently, the middle sponson is generally deeper than the ones on the sides. As a result, these are the best planing hulls and use less fuel due to these hulls being able to plane quickly and are very stable in the water.

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