The Ledger of the Deep – Poseidon’s Scroll Myth or Legend

Poseidon - Ledger of the Deep

What is the Ledger of the Deep?

Legend has it that the Ledger of the deep is where Poseidon has a large scroll. This scroll has the list of names of vessels that travel across the vast oceans. They say that if your vessel is listed then your boat should not encounter any bad luck.

It is also said if you change the name of a Vessel without performing a boat renaming ceremony your new boat name will not be in the Poseidon’s Ledger. Hence if it’s not in Poseidon’s ledger then he doesn’t know you vessel exists and can not protect your vessel.

So who is Poseidon?

Poseidon is the god of the seas that protects seafarers. legend has it Poseidon looks like an older bearded strong man that holds a Trident.

As long back as man and woman have travelled on the vast oceans there always have been a very strong belief. This belief is that Poseidon exists and protects vessels listed in his ledger.

Does the author of this article have any physical proof that Poseidon exists? No, I don’t and I don’t think anyone has any physical proof. This is all based around experiences. However many seafarers that have experienced changing a name that has struck bad luck will tell you otherwise. That they relate these experiences due to changing a boat name without performing a renaming ceremony. I recall a Racing Yacht in Australia that over the years had so many name changes it always encountered some form of bad luck yacht racing from Sydney to Hobart.

Does Poseidons Existance Matter?

No, it doesn’t. What does matter like everything else in life is having a belief? By having that Belief you can create positive or negative outcomes subconsciously. If I purchased a boat and decided to have the boat name changed I would perform a boat renaming ceremony. I would do this for a number of reasons. The first reason would be coming from a respect perspective. By correctly renaming a boat and adding this change into Poseidon’s ledger shows respect to the process. The second reason is the knowing and belief that by performing a boat renaming ceremony everything I could possibly do to create a safe voyage has been done.

There is no point being out 10 miles from land then you encounter large waves with a sudden weather change and at the back of your mind you are thinking. I just changed the name of the vessel and haven’t performed a boat renaming ceremony, is this now going to affect me. The thought process here has already become negative and a sudden rudder movement left or right can cause a boating accident of some sorts.

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