Boat Stickers Material Types Availability Information

Boat Stickers Material Types Availability Information page. These are perfect for Boat Names or Boat Registration Stickers.

We offer 2 types of Material a cheaper polymeric type and a premium cast 3m product. Before choosing though you need to have boat name ideas for your boat,

At face value, you can hardly tell any difference unless you run your finger over the top. The cheaper material is always thicker than the cast material.

Colours are similar between both with the exemption of Gold and Silver metallic colours. These look fantastic in the 3M Option.

So what are the Boat Stickers Material Types differences?

3M Premium Cast Vinyl

Boat Stickers Material Type

This material is a premium grade vinyl. This vinyl is made by starting as a liquid where it spread out into an extremely thin sheet. Because these are made this way, unlike Polymeric vinyls where its rolled into place to form a flat sheet this material has no shrinkage. Therefore there is no shrinkage and these conform well over rivets and clinkers (lapstrake) found on some boat hulls. The option we offer has a life range from 5 to 12 years depending on colour, salt resistant, sticky adhesive that grips well and is suited for poly craft boats.

Polymeric Vinyls

Not all vinyls are the same. The specific one we offer has been in shop tested and has excellent adhesion and salt resistance.

This material is made by having all of its ingredients mixed in and processed into a large industrial bowl where the vinyl then is rolled out flat into a sheet. Due to how this vinyl is made after a long period of time the vinyl edges may start to lift and peel and crack because the vinyl has a memory and wants to get back to the way it was by unrolling itself. As an example a 5-year black polymeric vinyl sign facing the afternoon sun in Far North Queensland or the NT for 7 years straight the vinyl will shrink, edges may start to peel and sooner or later the vinyl will crack.

Ok Got that. So why do you offer it to your customers?

Interesting question and I have bluntly told other sticker suppliers who have asked me the same question that its none of their Business.

Let’s take a look more into the Boat Stickers Material Types this from a logical point of view.

The vinyl that I offer has a waterproof adhesive and is salt resistant and the colour is a solid colour not coated on the surface only.

  1. This material is best for sticking stickers on flat or curved sides.
  2. The materials adhesive is waterproof and salt resistant.
  3. The vinyls total life really depends on how much time it spends outdoors and depending on the heat and UV.

In saying this If a boat is garaged for 9 months of the year and the owner goes boating for 3 months of the year then let me ask you how much exposure to the elements are these stickers really receiving per year? Is it 12 months or 3 or so months? It’s around 3 months for a vinyl that is rated for 5 Years. So for this example, I can not see why these stickers on this boat won’t last longer than 5-year rating for the colours black and white for example.

Boat Stickers Material Types Price Difference

When we first started back in 2008 I was shocked on how much stickers were selling for because on offer were these stickers made with a particular cast vinyl I personally do not rate highly anyway. In the sellers mind, the price was justified due to the material that’s being used.

The price difference between materials depends on the size of stickers and generally is around $15. This covers other costs associated with using this material and being selective during the making of these stickers.

Advantages and Disadvantages Boat Stickers Material Types

Cast Vinyl Advantages

  • Will not shrink where it is noticeable.
  • Thinner in thickness.
  • Longer life span.
  • Excellent Metallic colours in Silver and Gold.
  • Conforms better over clinker style hulls.
  • More Expensive.

Cast Vinyl Disadvantages

  • Thinner.
  • More stretchy.

Polymeric Vinyl Advantages

  • Thicker.
  • Easier to apply due to thickness.
  • Cheaper.

Polymeric Vinyl Disadvantages

  • Depending on exposure can shrink and crack.
  • Thicker which makes it easier to apply.
  • 3 Year Total life for metallic colours.
  • 5 Year Total life for standard colours. In closing, we offer both materials. You can decide which is better for you.

In 10 years selling Boat Stickers, we have had no issue by customers that have used both materials nor do we expect to. Buy what’s best for you and your budget.

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