How to Design a Boat Sticker

In this guide we will explain how to design a boat sticker. through the things you will need to create and design the ultimate Boat names stickers for your boat. If you do not have a boat name in mind the process may seem daunting at first but once you read through this article the process should be easier.

We discuss:

  1. Creative Process in finding a name.
  2. 25 Funny Boat Name Ideas.
  3. 25 Clever Boat Name Ideas.
  4. Things you need to watch out for during the design process.
  5. Font Styles.
  6. Boat Name Colour Options.
  7. Material Types Available.
  8. Boat Name Placement.

How to design a boat sticker – Getting Boat Name Ideas

There are a number of ways in how to design a boat sticker and come up with the perfect boat name. You can have a name that reflects your personality, and sense of humor, honoring your spouse by naming your boat after your spouse. You could use the name of a child or a combination of 2 children’s names such as Mary Rose. Or you can choose the name of someone that was close to you that has passed which would be a great way of showing respect as well. This could be a spouse, best friend, or a fishing buddy that is no longer here.

As you can see there are lots of creative options you can use to start the process of thinking about coming up with the perfect boat name. A boat name can be humorous, funny, clever, in honor, and so on.

So for starters let’s look at boat names being used globally by boaties.

Funny Boat Names Ideas

  1. Master Baiter
  2. Unsinkable 4
  3. SeaDuctress
  4. Holy Mackerel
  5. Ship for Brains
  6. Donut Pirate
  7. Ship Faced
  8. Sayler
  9. Reel Hooker
  10. Drug Money
  11. Breaking Wind
  12. Ship Happens
  13. PlayBuoy
  14. Just a Splash
  15. Reel Therapy
  16. Social Distancing
  17. Trawler Trash
  18. License to Chill
  19. Plane Nauti
  20. Bob Marlin
  21. Happy Endings
  22. Wasted Seaman
  23. Sea Bathers Itch
  24. Boatox
  25. Port Wine
  26. Rash Decesion
  27. Sea Truda
  28. Warts and All
  29. Knot on Call
  30. Knot Stolen

Clever Boat Names Ideas

  1. Fugitive
  2. Therapy
  3. Working Girl
  4. Fish and Chics
  5. Frequently Wet
  6. Cause for Divorce
  7. Kids Inheritance
  8. I Got The Boat
  9. Seas the Day
  10. Master Baiter
  11. COD Father
  12. OSEAD
  13. Wine Down
  14. Ship Faced
  15. Pop’s Legasea
  16. Pier Pressure
  17. Now Who’s The Loser, Dad
  18. Fish & Chicks
  19. Aquaholic
  20. Nauti Boy
  21. In a Meeting
  22. Aboat Time
  23. Tax-Sea-Vation
  24. Liquid Assett
  25. Stop that Bass
  26. Sea Battical
  27. Life is Good
  28. The Floating Itch
  29. Pier Pressure
  30. Zombies Can’t Swim

Boat Name Length

What’s Next? The next thing you need to consider is the length of the Boat Name.

When thinking about a boat name idea keep in mind the number of characters and or numbers your boat name has in total. This is very important. A boat name such as “Moor Often Than Knot” at let’s say 1 meter in length will have a smaller overall height compared to the name Ella Louise which would be higher in height.  So both boat names would be 1 meter in length but the Moor Often than Not will not be as high as Ella Louise due to the number of letters. The more letters in a boat’s name and the narrower it becomes in height.

Let’s take a look at a boat name example below. For this example, we are using the boat names Sayler and License to Chill.

We sell our boat stickers by the length and we do this for 2 reasons.

  1. Value for money. You know exactly how long your stickers are going to be without any hidden surprises.
  2. In the majority of cases, boats have more than 300mm height span for boat name sticker placements.

Both boats names both 600mm in length with a proportional height. As you can see both have different heights. So whether this is something for you to consider is entirely up to you.

On the odd occasion, we may manipulate the height if we think the proportional height is a bit too narrow. This way your boat name should look good and be ready to install when you receive it.

Boat Name Thickness Consideration

The next step is choosing the right font that also suits the style of your boat.

The first thing to consider when choosing a font is the font thickness. This is important because this determines the thickness of your boat lettering. It’s best to choose a font that is a little thicker than thinner.

Let’s take a look at an example below with the boat name Emma Louise.

The top example has a thin style font and the bottom one is bolder and thicker. This means when your stickers are made since the bottom example is thicker you are going to have more vinyl for a boat name compared to the top example.

The bottom example will be harder to damage or scratch off.

Design Questions and Answers

What color should I use for a Boat Name?

This is a personal choice. If your boat surface is white then if you use the opposite color like a Black or Dark Blue these will stand out. If you don’t want your name to stand out you can use a grey or a metallic silver over a white surface.

What color should I use for a Boat Rego?

Your boat regos need to be visible. So only for a white-colored boat its best to use a dark color like black or dark blue and so on.

What’s a Good font choice?

Fonts 1 and 2 are popular.

Material Types

We offer 2 types of materials. Depending on where you are in the world these have different ratings due to the UV being higher in some countries compared to countries in Europe for example. We offer you 2. One is what we call a standard vinyl which is a high-grade polymeric vinyl.

The other is our premium 3m vinyl choice which is in our opinion the best. The material also offers initial high tack adhesion.

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