Different Types of Boats in Australia for Cruising, Fishing and Diving

There are different types of boats for different boating purposes. Below is a list of a range of boat types that might help you decide which boat you should be if you are deciding to buy one. There are a number of ways you can go about buying your next boat. This includes by buying on the used boat market, buying new or buying a used boat is not so good condition and rebuilding the boat to suit your needs. What you do from here is entirely up to you. What is needed is a hull that is strong in structure and waterproof. As a budget saver, my recommendation is to buy a decent 2nd hand hull and install new dual outboard motors so just in case one stops you still have the other.

can be found listed below.

1. Dinghys

A Dinghy otherwise known as a Tender is great to travel from a yacht anchored in deep water to shore. This is a required task when no local piers are available to dock your vessel. Sailing yachts and motor yachts which don’t have the ability to cruise in shallow water to get to the shore are using a Dinghy or tender. The material used to build a Dinghy include Aluminium, synthetic rubbers or plastic-type polymers. Small outboard motors power dingies. Dinghies or Tenders range in size and are powered with a small outboard motor.

PVC Dinghy

2. Personal Water Crafts for 1 or 2 People

A jet ski is a Personal watercraft.  Jetskis are great for travelling across an enormous lake of water or for fishing.  Specialist Jetskis designed for fishing are now also available. Sea-Doo launched the magnificent Sea-Doo Fish Pro in 2019 retailed for around $21,000 here in Australia.


3. Runabouts

A Runabout is a larger version of a dinghy. These are made from Aluminium, Wood, synthetic rubbers or plastic-type polymers. The sizes range from around 4 metres to 6 metres in length and are powered from 15hp to 115hp. Above all these types of boats make a perfect fishing or transportation vehicle across multiple islands. Runabouts are open style cruise boats for fishing, cruising and transportation.

runabout boat

4. Jet Boats

A jetboat is a boat propelled by a jet of water that is ejected from the rear of the boat. As a result, Its purpose is for shallow-water activities. Fast boats that have motors that are propeller based cant be used in shallow water because the propellers will hit the bottom of the shallow rivers cause massive engine damage. The design of the jetboat came from New Zealand back in the 1950s and was first designed by Sir William Hamilton. Jetboats are perfect for fast cruising shallow rivers and waterways.

jet boats

5. Fishing Boats

Above all fishing boats have different boat setups for the purpose of fishing.  A Fishing boat is available in a range of sizes. Sizes are anything from 4 metres to 10 metres. Inboard diesel engines and outboard motors is usually what drives these boats. No matter the boat type people throughout history have used some form of vessel to travel and fish the oceans and lake systems. What makes a good fishing is the structure of the hull. One with a nice deep v front for breaking through the water. Furthermore features would include rod holders, ample rear of the boat fishing space, live bait box, fish finder and rod holders. In conclusion, whether its a large scale fishing boat licensed to catch fish with long lines or nets or a trailer boat these boats make it easy to catch fish.

fishing boat

6.Centre Console Boats

Centre console types of boats have the steering cockpit in the middle of the boat which allows you to walk around the boat. Therefore these make great best fishing boats due to being able to walk around. These boats don’t have much protection from the rain and bad weather. In brief centre console boats make great fishing boats for rivers, lakes and for bay fishing. To summarize these types of boats equipped for fishing would have rod holders, live bait tanks, esky or freezer box and a fish finder. These boats are available anywhere from 4.5 metres to 7 metres.  Outboard engine sizes range from 50HP to 250HP depending on the size of the vessel. The right size Centre Console Boat with a V hull designed for offshore fishing can be used for offshore fishing however if the waters get rough you have very little protection from the weather.

centre console boat

7.Offshore Fishing Boats

An offshore boat has a deep v front hull structure designed to travel into deep water for the sole purpose of offshore fishing. Many of these boats have dry areas, cooking and bathroom facilities. Fishing facilities onboard include state of the art fish finders, rod holders, live bait tanks and large fishing room space. Coupled with fast HP outboards these boats can travel large distances quickly. As an example, Whitepointer Marine in Australia have on an offering of an 8 Metre offshore fishing boat that can be powered with dual 350hp outboard Motors. The particular model I am writing about is the 263 L.

A budget-priced offshore fishing boat is the Quintrex Yellowfin 5800. These can retail new in Australia from around $65,000 AUS with 115HP Evinrude outboard.

You then have Stabicraft who build a very impressive Flood tested boat. Other considerations could include the WaveRider 6 Metre offshore which has reverse chines built-in. Other popular offshore boats include the Bar Crusher 615HT and Edencraft 233 Formula.

In addition you then you have the luxury Grady White Journey and Express Models. The Grady White Journey is available on the used Australian boat market if you can find one for around $150,000. Alternatively you may find a super cheap deal in the USA and have it shipped down to Australia. After that you would then swap out the engines for a dual new setup like the v8 Yamaha, Mercury or Suzukis.

In conclusion, if money is not an issue and you want to fish offshore in style and on one of the best luxury offshore fishing boats available today then you can do so with a Grady White Express 330 which is just over 10 metres in length and a berth or dry dock is required.

8.Spear and Fishing Dive Boats

A spear and fishing dive boat is purposely designed for ocean dive fishing. These boats have a door so its easy to enter and exit the ocean. Above all these boats have high power horsepower. In conclusion, if the weather gets bad as soon as the dive is finished they can head back to shore quickly.


A catamaran has multiple hulls which helps keep the vessel stable in the water. In addition, a catamaran is powered with sails and relies on the wind to cruise the vast ocean. Above all and in conclusion, a Catamaran has living areas and bathroom facilities. Above all the features found in a catamaran include sleeping quarters, a kitchen and a bathroom.

types of boats the catamaran

10.House Boats

A houseboat is a very popular option for a vast large lake system. For instance, one of the primary reasons is that closed freshwater lakes don’t have the rough weather and water conditions you would find in an open ocean. for instance, you will find that many people across the globe live permanently on a houseboat.  In conclusion, houseboats has some of the most comforts a modern home has.

11.Bowrider Boats

If you have the need for speed a Bowrider boat is for you. Designed to be fast and seating up close to the bow these boats can also tow a water skier at super-fast speeds. Available in different sizes some powered by inboard motors and others powered by outboard 2 and 4 stroke engines. In conclusion, the size and power options of a speed boat varies greatly.

types of boats

12.Motor Yachts

If you want to travel the vast oceans in comfort and style a Motor yachts are the best types of boats you should own/ However single or multiple diesel engines powers a Motor yacht to travel vast long distances across the oceans. All the luxury you would find in a modern home is found inside a motor yacht.  In conclusion, you need an experienced boat crew including the captain.

Motor Yacht

13. A Super Motor Yacht

Very similar to a motor yacht but in a larger and grander style. These types of vessels have more rooms and living spaces. However across the Meditteranean ocean infamous ports you will find some of the worlds best Super Motor Yachts worth 50 Million plus.

Types of boats is a Super Motor yachts

14. Trawlers

Trawler boats are fishing boats that use nets to catch fish These types of vessels come in different shapes and sizes.


In conclusion, I am sure that some of these types of boats are on your dream list. Whether you live in Australia, Europe or America there must be a boat on the list you would like to own one day.

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