Bowrider Boats Luxury Watercraft Cruising for Fun

Bowrider Boats are similar to runabout boats with 2 differences. These being:

  • Bowrider boats have access to the bow of the boat via a mid walkthrough section.
  • Boating conditions for a Bowrider must be more calmer than a runabout boat.

Bowrider boat

Some features a Bowrider Boat has include:

  • Ability to Water Ski or Cruise.
  • Walkthrough Access to the Bow of the boat.
  • Comfort seating both rear and front found on modern fibreglass built bowriders.
  • Lake cruising in style and comfort.
  • Ability to pull a water tube for water fun.

Bowrider tube tower

Can you use a Bowrider boat in choppy water??

This really depends on the size of the boat and the design of the hull but the majority of cases the answer is no.

This is due to the design and depth of the hull. The other factors include the boat length. The longer the boat with a deep hull, for example, is more able to ride a wave but it’s not how bowrider hulls are designed.

If you decide to use one on the ocean make sure the waters are nice and flat and not in choppy waters.


Are Bowrider boats good for fishing?

You can fish in one but these boats don’t have the room due to the seating and are only best used in calm waters. There are other boat types to choose from if you are unsure if this style boat is for you.

Bowrider Boats Hull, Material and Motor Types

The size of these boats varies but typically ranges from 17ft to 25ft and are generally trailer boats. Larger cruiser style bowriders are also available.

Outboard options with dual setups are available today for boats up to 35 foot in length. Changing engines With outboards is much more easier than inboard motors.

Mercury, Evinrude, Suzuki and Yamaha all have viable options with some 35 footers powered by fuel-saving dual v8 Yamaha 350 horsepower.

Furthermore, the main most popular material used in the manufacturer of these boats is fibreglass. This is due to the ease of moulding very comfortable seating.

Aluminium bowrider boats are also available. However the fibreglass versions are more popular due to wrap-around fibreglass design layouts.

Safety Concerns

The bowrider boat design probably marks the end of safe boating design.

If one decides to bow ride its very easy to fall into the water. Mind you these boats were not designed to stand and bow ride.

The height difference between the boat floor and top surface of the bow is very shallow in these trailer bowriders. If standing in most cases depending on the boat its only knee-high or thereabouts to top of the bow. The design of this boat allows people to bow ride by standing at the bow while the boat is moving. This not only puts the person bow riding in danger but also blocks the view of the boat driver.

2 things can occur. The boat can hit another unseen boat or personal watercraft at high speed due to the drivers blocked vision. Or if someone gets thrown in the water from the boat they will get run over by the boat propeller causing significant injuries.

If you decide that a bowrider is the boat for you under no circumstances should you allow your passengers to stand and bow ride. This is very dangerous not only for those involved but also a very bad experience for paramedics that have to attend such a gruesome scene.

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