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Boat Stickers Australia Information content for all types of marine vessels. Important info that will help you when deciding on what size you would like your sticker to be.


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The type of surface where you apply our stickers does not really matter as long as it has a coat of paint and is in excellent condition. Alternatively, it could be a poly craft boat or a boat finished in fibreglass.

Working Out Correct Boat Stickers Australia Sizes

First, you need to work out the size you need. Generally, 95% of the time the area where the sticker will be applied has lots of height room. So if this is the case for you, from here you need to figure out the length of your sticker you need.

boat stickers australia

80% of the time a sticker from 800mm to 1000mm is sufficient.

If your boat is more than 6 metres and you want it to stand out you may opt to go with a size of 1300mm.

To work out the best size that suits your boat simply stick some paper together and create a rectangle shape with the length you think you need the sticker to be. For this exercise make the height around 150mm high. Now stick this rectangle shape on your boat and walk back 5 metres and see if the size suits your boat.

Choosing the right Material Option

Our 3M cast option hands down is the best possible option available which has a black and white rating of 12 years under Australian conditions. We also offer a polymeric vinyl option which has a rating of 5 years and 3 years for Metallic Gold or Silver. This is your choice. But here is an explanation that might help you decide.

Stickers will last depending on how much exposure they have to the Weather. If for example you use a 5-year black vinyl outdoors 24/7 then the material should last 5 or so years. If you apply the same material to a boat that spends 80% of its time in a garage and the other 20% out on the water then I would expect them to last longer than the mentioned rating since they are not exposed to the sun as much.

We also sell a range of Marine Graphics and Boat Registration Stickers.

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