Boat Safety Requirements Australia

Boat safety requirements can be different for all states across Australia. Safety Requirements per State:Boat Safety Requirements

In general, the following  may be needed:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Torch
  • Satellite phone
  • Upkeep of fresh batteries eg for torch or radio
  • Fire prevention gear
  • Flares
  • Anchor, chain and or rope
  • Towing rope
  • Life jackets
  • Fresh and plenty of fuel
  • Fully serviced and maintained outboard/inboard motor
  • Knowing your Marine communication procedures

One very important thing is to know and be aware of your boats limit and work around this.

Not all boats are designed to travel an hour offshore. Not all boats are capable.

Guidelines for safety boating:

  • Do not use an outboard that overpowers your boat. Always use power that your boat is rated.
  • Undergo education about safe boating. If your area offers course about it you can take it and pass it.
  • Make use that your visibility is not distracted. You can lower down the pedestal seats most especially the front area. While the boat is moving, do not allow anybody to use the pedestal seat.
  • Let your passengers wear the personal floatation devices and all the needed devices for safety, approved by the Coast Guard.
  • Secure all the items before boating, especially safety clothing and devices.
  • Before you run the boat, check the emergency engine cut-off switch. This device is attached to passengers while the boat is running.
  • Do not drink while running a boat.
  • Remember that you take responsibilities for your passengers, so, never hot-dogs your boat.
  • Common courtesy must be exercise in the boat. Never run your boat to other boats or anglers. Always be aware and take extra precautions on areas where no-wake zones are posted.
  • You must be watchful to be you are going


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