Boat Registration Stickers

Our boat registration stickers are custom made to suit your needs. 3M Cast Regos only $66 with a shadow/outline option. Payments can be made with Credit Card, Paypal, Afterpay, Direct Bank Deposit, Google and Apple Pay.

Price: from $39

We offer 2 types of styles of boat registration stickers. Rectangle rego numbers and letters from 150mm in height which are legal to use and round boatregistration stickers.

Boat Registration Stickers – Products

round registration stickers
Design & Order
Design & Order


Product Details

1. Easy to Design: All products are easy to design with a visual outlay of what your stickers are going to look like before you place your order.

2. Shadow and Outline Options: We offer 4 shadow styles and an outline option while placing your order.

3. Fast Order Processing: Boat registration stickers are posted within 24 Business hours with FREE Express Post upgrade.

4. Mandatory Sticker Sizing: Boat registration stickers sizing starts from 150mm in height (to 185mm) with a width option of either 550mm and 600mm.

5. One Sheet Stickers: All boat registration stickers are computer cut from one sheet of marine grade vinyl and supplied to you in one sheet with no background ready for easy installation.

The complete sticker consists of:

  • The application tape – top layer.
  • Vinyl stickers – middle layer.
  • Backing sheet – bottom layer.
boat registration stickers designer

6. Vinyl Material Options: We offer you 2 options including a 3M option.

The standard option we offer is a Polymeric Vinyl which is primarily used by our competitors and offered to you at premium prices.

The 2nd option is a premium 3M Cast Vinyl option. When you choose this option no matter the colour you choose your stickers will be made from this material.

Both material options include:

  • Alkaline and salt resistance.
  • Solvent based adhesive meaning the adhesive can not be washed away by water.

Please Note: There is no metallic cast vinyl option available for Australian conditions that exceeds 5 years. Whatever you decide to purchase check the products datasheet and take it from there.

Outdoor Rating:

  • Standard – Colours 5 years outdoors, metallics 3 years outdoors.
  • 3M Option – One of the first Cast Vinyls used in Australia.
    Blacks and Whites – 8+ years, Colours 6-8 years and metallics 5 years.

Please Note: There is no metallic Cast Vinyl option that has a rating of 8 plus years for the Asia pacific Region.

7. Competitive Pricing: Don’t pay $63 plus for Polymeric vinyl boat registration stickers where for $66 you can buy a full set of premium 3M Cast boat registration stickers.

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