Boat Ramps & Marina Locations Guide Australia

Boat Ramps & Marina Locations Australia Map.Boat Ramps Locations Australia

This is a comprehensive locations map list that consist of nearly all boat ramps across Australia.

To view the map on pc or a Mac simply place the mouse on top of the map and zoom in and out with your mouse scroll wheel if you have one. Otherwise use the zoom features provided by Google Maps.

Map Legend

  1. Blue markers represent boat ramp locations.
  2. Yellow Anchor markers represent Marinas.

Boat Ramps Safety Tips

Plan your trip ahead. The less stress you place on yourself by planning and giving yourself more time the more enjoyable your day will be.

If you purchased some boat decals from us make sure you have followed the boat stickers installation instructions.

If you have decided to rename a boat you can follow the boat renaming ceremony.

For someone new to boating its a great idea to spend some time at the boat ramp watching others launch and retrieve their boats. Even by watching these theme based videos on youtube. Its also a great idea to arrive at the boat ramp when its not rush hour. An example is early morning or very  late afternoon depending on the tides.

For veterans launching a boat its always a great idea to watch out for newbies and rather applying pressure with stares and thinking how long is this person taking why not approach and offer some assistance?

Before Leaving Home

Its always important to have a checklist and make sure you have everything you need including fresh fuel, food and water and your boating safety equipment. This is especially important when a season starts and you have not been boating for a while. Also make sure your battery is fully charged and replace it if it needs replacing.

Don’t forget to pack your fishing gear as well if you intend on going fishing.

Arriving at the Boat Ramp

Park away from the launch area and prepare your boat for launch. You may want to load your food and drinks, eskie, bait and so on.

Boat Launch & Retrieval


Remember to think of others when you launch or retrieve your boat. Plan this ahead and be patient towards yourself and others at the Boat ramp and your experience will be enjoyable.

Get ready if you are going fishing in Australia.

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