Boat Chine What are Reverse Chines differences or advantages

Boat Chine what and how does it affect a vessel?

Reverse boat chine basically traps the water between the reverse chime and the water.

This allows the boat to trap the water under the chine and to plane quickly to provide a smooth soft ride.

A reverse chine is one that is on the underside edges of the hull. An example of this is in the illustration below.

reverse chine pros and cons what are they?


Reverse Boat chine pros and cons – What Are The Pros?

1. Reverse chines push back the water, therefore this keeps the boats occupants dry. It achieves this by not allowing the water to spray across the side of the boat.

2. A boat with reverse chines has the ability to ride over bigger waves in rougher water and weather.

3. You can stand on the side of an aluminium runabout with a reverse chime without any fear of the boat flipping.

4. Reverse chines provide a boat with tremendous stability in the water.

In Australia we have a boating manufacturer that specialises in building boats with reverse chimes. The manufacturer Waverider Boats has extensive experience with Reverse Chines which dates back to the ’80s.

Waverider Boats developed the reverse chine in the form of a Captain Boat Collar that attached to the side of a hull during this time. A product still sold and used today by many boat owners.

From this technology, WaveRider Boats patented the Reverse Chine and started offering Aluminium Boats with Reverse Chines since the turn of this century.

How wide are the reverse chimes on Waverider Boats?

On a 4.5-metre length boat, the reverse chine width is 150mm in width.

With a 6.0-metre length boat, the reverse chime width is 215mm in width.

These types of boats provide a stable platform for fishing whether you are fishing close to shore or offshore.

Most people are going to have an opinion on reverse chine boats. As they say, you can drag a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. And this is going to be the case with diehard boaties that belive the be-all and end-all is the deep v hull built by John in the ’80s.

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