Unique Vessel Identifiers | Boat Registration Stickers



These Unique Vessel Identifiers boat registration stickers are for Commercial Fishing Boats that are at 7.5 metres in length or more.

Product Info

  • Height: 300mm.
  • Width: Proportional.
  • Material Option: Yes, standard & 3M.
  • Salt Resitant: Yes
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Water Proof Adhesive: Yes


Letter & Number Heights Info

All letters and numbers will be made at 300mm in height.

The width will be proportional and under no cirmustances can these be made at a width of 150mm.

The width of the letter M for example will be different to 1 and visa versa hence its not possibel to make these all 300mm x 150mm in width.

Font Previewer

Font Previewer

Sticker Type

Letter & Number Heights Info
Due to the height of these letters and numbers and not being able to utilise 1 sheet to make 1 set of regos the cost of these will cost more due to the material waste.

Individual Letters: You will receive your order with individual letters where you need to apply each letter or number individually.

1 Sheet: These will be supplied on 1 sheet which will be around 1.5 metres by 300mm in height.

Material Information

Please Note: Boat surface must be in excellent condition.

  • Standard: Should last outdoors for around 3 years under commercial conditions.
  • 3M Option: Should last 4 plus years under commercial conditions.
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