2 - 14" (350mm) Round Boat Registration Sticker Decals Print this pagePrint this page
2 - 14" (350mm) Round Boat Registration Sticker Decals
Price: 85.00

Reg Colour White ; Black ; Royal Blue ; Dark Royal Blue ; Light Blue ; Red ; Cyan
Add Reg Separator Line Yes ; No
Material Type Option Polymeric Vinyl ; Cast Vinyl By 3M (+ 10.00)
Colour and size Choice.
14" (350mm) Round Boat Registration Sticker Decals.

These are sold in pairs so you get 2 rego stickers.

A great size for boats at around 5 metres or so in length.

These are sold in pairs and are identical. We use a standard font for these round registration stickers which is the standard type font used in the Marine industry for round regos.

You have a choice of materials.

We have been informed by a customer these sell at about $120 a pair from some marine shops. Buy direct from us and save with the added option of material choice.

Are these legal to use? We simply make stickers to order and it's something you need to check with your boating Authority.

Pls note we are not responsible if these stickers do not meet your boating Authority regulation sizes.

Customers have asked for these types of stickers hence we have made these available. The onus though is on the customer to make sure what you purchase suits your needs and meets the regulation sizes in your state.