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We have been making boat stickers since 2008 and can make regos and boat names in a variety of colours to suit your needs.

Material Choice

We take great care when making your boat stickers and provide you with 2 material options you can choose from.

Boat Stickers

The first being a 3 to 5 year Australian rated vinyl. The colour silver and gold metallic colours are rated 3 years
with the other colours rated to 5 years. This is a great material to use for those on a budget. The key though
for any sticker to last is for the boat itself to spend less time outside when not in use. So as an example this
material will last longer on your boat if your boat is garaged when not being used.

The other boat stickers material choice we offer is a 3M product which is one of the best materials you can use for a marine
enviroment. The white and black colours are rated for 12 years and is a fantastic product. We don't over charge
our customers who want to use an option such as this material. There is a small additional fee to make up
the difference in price but not an outragous charge. Its generally around $12 to $20 extra depedning on what
you are ordering and the size. More material information is also available by folloing that link. Find out about the
material differences for each one as well.

Colour Choices

We have a large range of colour choices  for you to choose from and applies to our boat names and regos. Popular 1 colour colours include black, silver, navy blue
royal blue and red. Generally the colours that last the longest outdoors start with blacks and whites followed by blues
and then reds.

In reference to fonts we have a number you can choose from. These have been hand picked to give you many 
design options with the added bonus of a nice amount of vinyl around your lettering unlike really thiin type of
fonts which would give you a thin line of vinyl.

We specialise in making Boat Names, Boat Regos, Round Boat Regos all custom made to suit your neeeds.


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