` Boat Stickers Sales Questions and Answers

Boat Sticker Sales Questions & Answers
1. What sort of service do you offer?

Our Business only grows and continues to prosper by our customers recommending our products and services. Why our customers continue to support and recommend us is simple.

1. We will not take you for a ride and promise one thing where you end up getting something else.
2. We don't over sell our products.
3. We don't over price products and then off set this by offering you freebies.
4. We don't make false promises by offering ridiculous 10 year warranties where even our material suppliers do not offer such warranties.  
5. You will receive exactly what you have ordered.
6. We promptly ship most orders within 2 Business days unless we have no stock of a certain colour of material or need to order pin stripes from our manufacturers.
7. Boat names are sold by the width not height. This is an advantage for you because you know exactly how long your stickers will be from left to right rather than paying for stickers by the height where you have no idea how long these will be exactly with a reliance on auto generated software that indicates roughly the size for you.
8. We off you a material choice.

2. Can I place a Phone Order?

Yes you can. You can contact Joe directly on 0418 563 00

3. How long till my order is posted out to me?

In most cases orders are dispatched either on the same day or next day. All orders paid for
by Bank Deposit may need up to 72 hours until payments are cleared into our bank account
where we will then post off your order.

4. Where are these stickers made?

The actual stickers are designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. The actual material is made either in Europe or the USA.

5. If I make a mistake during the installation process and damage one of the letters can replacement letters be purchased?

YES. But we believe in supporting our customers and in most cases these are supplied to you for FREE. We won't even charge you for postage. We can come to some sort of agreement for larger replacements eg parts of a graphic design. 

We take pride with what we create and only use:

A High Performance Polymeric vinyl with a 3M cast vinyl option available for boats moored on the water 24/7. A thick plastic application tape which causes no ripples between your stickers and the application tape during delivery. Water proof adhesive on all stickers no matter what vinyl option is chosen.

6. Is it safe to purchase from your website?

Yes it is. We do not process your credit card transactions and we do not store your credit card info on our servers. Instead we use third party proven services such as Paypal & Paymate to process your payments. We are a legit Melbourne Registered Business and we do this full time. We also have site wide SSL.

7. How Can I Pay for My Items?

You can pay for your items via Paypal or Paymate or direct bank deposit for Australian customers.

8. How To Order

All orders can be made online via our easy to use shopping cart. 
Payment is available via Paypal, Paymate or Direct Bank Deposit.

9. Do I need to open an account?

No. Order process time is less than 30 seconds and once you have what you need in your shopping
cart its a matter of simply adding your shipping details, choose a shipping and payment processing type and that's it, it's just a matter of completing your payment. 

10. How much is Postage?

Postage for Australian residents is still only under $9 per order.

FREE postage applies to all orders over $125.

11. How do you ship our stickers. 

99% of all boat stickers are properly rolled and posted to you into a mailing tube.

12. Do You Have any Installation Tips?

Make sure that:

    * The edges of the stickers have stuck on well.
    * Your substrate is not contaminated with dirt, grime, soap, fuel or other chemicals etc.
    * When applying these boat stickers its not cold or damp.
    * You allow 4 days for the stickers to fully cure.
    * You apply these to a smooth surface.

Need simple sticker instrauctions. You can also visit our Boat decal easy to follow Installaion Page.

13. Do you do other stickers for cars, vans, trucks etc?

Yes we do. If you are willing to spend some time installing these yourself you can save some money. Please contact us for further details.

14. What Material Do You Use?

We use a long term Polymeric Vinyl as a standard option on all stickers with a choice of Cast by 3M. More boat stickers material information is available.

Both  materials we use we have been tested in ocean salt water and has a waterproof adhesive.

15. I want to rename my boat. Do you have a renaming process available?     

Feel free to visit our boat renaming naming ceremony page for more info.

16. Can I see some product reviews pls?

Yes sure many of our customer have left reviews.



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