` Boat Stickers Phone Orders

Boat Stickers Phone Orders
Thank you for visiting our phone orders page.

We prefer our customers to order our products by using the links below.

1. Boat Names Stickers -Design and Order Boat Names Stickers here.
2. Boat Rego Stickers  - Design and Order Boat Rego Stickers here.

This is so its easy for you to receive order notifications.

Otherwise we can take orders over the phone.

Helpful info and the details you need to provide us include:

1. We don't record your credit card info either.

2. We use a hand held mobile device where we process the order over the phone while you wait.

3. Your name and address.

4. Order info such as your boat name or rego, colours and fonts.

Postage delivery times for your order is information that does come in handy.

Feel free to call Joe on  0418 563 000 between 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday
if you would like to order some products.

A credit card is required and we can process this while you are on the phone with real time eftpos credit card processing which as a security measure does not require us to write down or store your credit card details.

Price Guide

550mm x 150mm Rego Stickers Sold in Pairs

Option 1 - Polymeric Material $46
Option 2 - 3M Material (Best and longest lasting) $61

Boat Names

1. 500mm x proportional width
Polymeric - $37 each
3M - $46 each

2. 800mm x proportional width 
Polymeric - $43 each
3M - $56 each

3. 1000mm x proportional width
Polyermic - $45 each
3M - $58 each

$10 Discount applies to each sticker when buying 2 or more. As an example if buying 2 - 800mm boat names these will cost $66 in total plus postage cost.

Postage Cost

Standard Postage $8
Express Post $10

Rush Order Option

A rush order option is available which means we will process your order within a day of it being placed. The cost of this service is $13.40.

All other orders are dispatched within 3 Business days.

Thank You



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