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Boat Names Designer Designs

  • 60 Second Order Processing.
  • Premium Vinyl Font Designs
  • Mail Tube Postage.
  • Mobile/Small Screen Friendly.
  • Ultra Wide 160mm Applicator Included.
  • Quick Dispatch.
Enquiries pls call Joe directly on 0418 563 000
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Getting started is easy...

First click here to activate designer.

Then add text below and complete each step.

Step 1 - Add Boat Name: :

Step 2 - Choose Standard Font: :
View Fonts: :

View Colour Chart: :

Step 3 - Choose Sticker Colour: :
Preview Fonts: :

Is Boat Name Preview Above Visible? If it is'nt click here to refresh designer.

Step 4 - Preview Design with Your Boat Colour: :

Step 5 - Order with Shadow or Outline Effect: :

Shadow/Outline Display is for preview only.
Your order will be completed with your requirements only)

Step 6 - Choose Width Size: :
Show Size Help: :

View Vinyl Material Info: :

Add Order Related Comment: :

Stickers are provided as vinyl cut on 1 sheet.
This means when applied to your boat you can feel the letters/numbers.
Ordering an outline or shadow you need to first apply the letters/numbers sheet first then the outline/shadow effect.

$10 discount per boat name sticker applies when buying 
2 or more boat names.

Prices are automatically updated when added into the shopping cart.



Please Note: These vinyl stickers are not sold in pairs.

If you need 2 please choose 2 as QTY.


1. We offer our boat name stickers by the width not the height which gives the customer a few advantages.

This includes: You know exactly how long your stickers will be with no hidden surprises when ordering stickers by the height elsewhere discovering that your stickers are not long enough. This option we think offers you more value for your money.

2.Our boat name stickers are not printed. We also provide you with a choice of 2 materials which have the colour you choose throughout the material unlike printed stickers that have the colour printed on the surface that will not last as long when comparing these to the polymeric or 3M colour range.

Maybe you might decide to do a boat renaming ceremony as well.

Helpful Purchasing Advice     

1. We strongly suggest that all stickers ordered need to be applied within a 2-3 week period. 

2. Please make sure you pre plan in ordering your stickers if you need them by a set period or for a special event.
Also its an idea to apply these stickers to your boat 5 days before the due date just in case something goes wrong
and you have time to sort things out.

shopping around for cheap decals unfortunately you pay for what you get. Printed stickers will only last for a total
of 2 years and you may remove the print if wiping your fibreglass with a harsh cleaner or if you accidentally buff
buff part of your sticker unless laminated. Polymeric vinyl is the 2nd best material choice followed by our cast option.
Cast vinyl is available for digital printing but our cast stickers will last about 2 years longer for metallic colours and upto
8 years longer for the 3M Cast made stickers.

These stickers are very easy to install and installation instructions are provided.

Our stickers are ideal for fishing vessels, Motor Yachts, Yachts, Dinghy's, Jet Skis, watercrafts
designed for Speed, Kayaks & Canoes. Our boat stickers are made from a premium material ideal
for boating conditions which has a waterproof adhesive. We also use professional equipment which
insures smooth cutting of your boat stickers and we finish these off with a clear application tape so
they don't bubble when these are rolled and posted out to you in a postage mailing tube.

I would like to order the boat name Fish Stalker. The size I need is 800mm in width.
What would the height of my stickers be?

This really depends on the font you choose and how many characters your boat name has.
The more characters you have and the height will not be as high because these need to be

proportional to your width.

Below is a a guide chart only. If your limited for space or need an exact size pls give us a call.

Font 1 - 130mm

Font 8 - 115mmFont 15 - 77mmFont 22 - 85mmFont 29- 123mm
Font 2 - 100mm

Font 9 - 100mmFont 16 - 150mmFont 23 - 140mmFont 30- 125mm
Font 3 - 118mm

Font 10 - 135mmFont 17 - 105mmFont 24 - 160mmFont 31- 83mm
Font 4 - 119mm

Font 11 - 115mmFont 18 - 105mmFont 25 - 123mmFont 32- 138mm
Font 5 - 105mm

Font 12 - 100mmFont 19 - 110mmFont 26 - 125mm 
Font 6 - 130mm

Font 13 - 105mmFont 20 - 140mmFont 27 - 110mm 
Font 7 -  100mm

Font 14 - 122mmFont 21 - 225mmFont 28 - 185mm 

Fonts 15, 22 and 31 are the smallest in height fonts available.

What do we get when we purchase our stickers from you?
Our stickers are made by supplying you with the letters only (single or joined depending on what font you choose)
in one sheet which will be ready for applying to your surface. The advantage with this method is your stickers will last
longer and you will be able to apply these on the surface in 1 straight line compared to individual letters or printed letters
that have a clear or coloured back ground.

Do your sell stickers that have a waterproof backing sheet?
Yes we do and you will need to use the Cast option by 3M.

Do you sell stickers made from a material that is sticky and just about sticks anywhere including those
hard to stick panels found in caravans?

Yes we do and you will need to use the Cast option by 3M.

How hard are these stickers to apply to the surface? Very easy. We provide instructions but one simple
method you can use is to clean your surface, use the technique I share with you in the instructions page to test
your surface then spray some water onto the surface, peel off the backing sheet from your stickers and apply water
to the back of the stickers and place the sticker onto the surface and move and position your stickers in place. 
You have about 1 minute to prop the stickers into position. Avoid using this method in very cold weather.
You will need to wait about 24 hours before removing the clear application tape.

Oops I buggered up a letter. Can you help me? Yes and in most cases we won't charge you.


Boat Name Ideas Include: 

Aquaholic, Reel Time, Beeracuda, Full Scale, Cause for Divorce, Wave Rider, Snapper Time,
Happy Hours, Miss Behavin, Escape, Serendipity, Reel Therapy, Reel Estate, Happy Hooker,
Outcast, Real Deal, Shark Bait, Why Not.   


We offer a 12 month replacement warranty on the Polymeric range of stickers, 24 months
replacement warranty on the 3M Cast Sticker range and an 18 month replacement warranty
on the chrome range of stickers. The warranty covers your stickers from excessive peeling, fading
or cracking during the mentioned warranty period mentioned above. Warranty period starts 7 days
after your purchase. The Chrome vinyl is made by a USA company not related to any Brands
mentioned on this web page.

Thank you for visiting our boat stickers website.

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