Boat Stickers Sizes for My Boat Names, Regos and Graphics

Boat stickers sizes is the basis of information people always ask about.boat stickers sizes

If I was focused on making as much money as possible my answer would evolve around “bigger is better with a shadow or outline”.

Fortunately I don’t operate this way and its not who I am as a person or Business owner. There is no best size I can offer you for your boat simply because all boats can be the same length but all boats will have different graphics and shapes.

White Space Around Boat Names or Regos

White space is a term we use in the Design Business. Its generally the amount of free blank background that is around text or a design. Imagine a Business Card has only one word placed in the middle of it where the text is stretched to all 4 edges. This Business card design (text) would have no white space and would look cluttered. This is something to take into consideration when designing for a boat. Always allow for some space between your boat name or rego and where you will be placing it.

How Much White Space is Needed?

Most boat owners will not have an issue with space. This also depends if you are purchasing marine graphics.

For those that do here is some recommendations.

At a worse case scenerio if you are tight for space at a bar minimium allow upto 20mm.

So by this point we have worked out we need white space around our sticker and at a bar minimium of around 20mm.

I have a good amount of space what size should I order?

The most popular sizes are 800mm and 1000mm. This also depends on how much text or numbers your boat names or boat registration stickers have. Remember the more text you have proportionally the narrower in height your stickers become.

Is there a way I can sort the boat stickers size myself?

Yes start with an idea of what Boat Stickers sizes you may want. Now stick together pieces of paper and make yourself a rectangle shape with the length being the size you had in mind of ordering. Make the height 150mm. Now place om your boat with some tape and walk back 3 or so metres and see how that size looks. Tweak teh size again if you like then clear your mind and check it the next day.

Boat Stickers Sizes. These are the most important factors.

  • Allow enough white space if you’re limited for room.
  • No need to go too big unless if you want these to really stand out.

Feel free to contact Joe on 0418 563 000 if you have questions around boat stickers sizes or need exact sizes or more information.

Alternatively fee; free to visit our boat stickers shop.