Boat Rego Registration Qld SA WA VIC NSW Sticker Decal Kits

Boat Rego Registration for WA Qld SA NSW VIC Stickers are designed and made to suit your needs.

These are suitable for all types of boats used 0n Queensland waters.

boat rego qld

Boat Types Examples Suited for our Sticker Kits

An example includes:

  • Fishing boats
  • skiing boats
  • Motor Yachts
  • Runabouts
  • Cruisers

Traditionally years gone by the height regulation was 200mm in Queensland and 150mm in SA.

This has now changed to 150mm and is now in line with all states in Australia.

Over the years though we had made our fare share of QLD boat rego stickers.

Sometimes though boaters were fined for having their old rego stickers less than 200mm.

This applied to when the law stipulated the heights needed to be 200mm. This has now changed to 150mm.

Things have no changed for the better.

For those living in NSW near the Qld border now can freely cross the border to do a spot of boat fishing without worrying about incurring a fine. This was because QLD regulations was 200mm and in NSW this was 150mm.

Boat Rego Registration Qld SA Height Considerations

One key aspect to look out for really depends on the hull structure your boat has.

This could be a flat panel type though in the shape of a boat.

The other type could be where the hull has steps otherwise known as clinkers or a lapstake type of hull.

If your boat structure is not flat consider ordering boat rego registration stickers higher than 150mm. We have this option available when ordering.

The reason behind this is that once you apply your stickers over the steps height will be lost and by ordering stickers higher than 150mm this will compensate in the height loss.

Fonts and Colour Decal Choices

We have a large range of fonts to choose from.

Generally fonts 1, 2, 5 and font 10 are popular choices.

We suggest when choosing a colour to make sure its opposite to your boat colour.

If your boat colour is white then choose a dark colour like black or a Navy.

Same applies if your boat colour is Black. Choose light colours such as white, silver, yellow etc.

Qld Boat Registration Info

If you need more info about registering a boat in Queensland pls visit this link.

We also have a large range of boat graphics available.